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Michael Castillo   CHEF DE CUISINE

Houston born Michael Castillo has over fourteen years of culinary experience and is skilled both in the kitchen and on the managerial side of the restaurant business. Encouraged by his parents to get a job in high school, Castillo was immediately drawn to food and began working as a line cook at age 16.

In 2004, Castillo got a job at Houston Country Club, where he remained for over eight years. Quickly rising to the position of restaurant chef, Castillo trained and supervised thirteen cooks and chefs, and was responsible for the menus for both formal and informal dining rooms. The ever changing and themed menus at HCC exposed Castillo to many types of cuisine, providing him a unique arsenal of skills in the kitchen.

Joining the Uchi team in 2012, Castillo thrives on the menu creativity at Uchi and artistic presentation brought to each dish. After spending a few years at Uchi Houston, Castillo became the chef de cuisine at Uchi Austin in 2014.

“Austin’s culinary scene is continuing to evolve and I am excited to be a part of the unique and exciting group that is Uchi,” comments Castillo. 

Castillo and his wife, also a chef, reside in Austin with their son.

michael castillo